Sharkbait. Photography of Richard Janulewicz

Hello and welcome to Sharkbait. I hope you enjoy looking through the galleries, showing the work of Rochester-based Richard Janulewicz. You need to register/create an account, if you haven't done so previously, and/or login, to access purchasing and download options. To do this select and press the 'login' prompt,(at the bottom of most viewed pages, or at the top right corner of the screen). No registration fees apply, you only pay when you order a print or high-resolution download. Purchasing and downloading options are then shown, administered through the photo hosting site, Zenfolio. I hope the website is reasonably straightforward for visitors.

I should give you a small amount of technical information, which may help you, particularly if you are considering buying a print or download. The size of the images differ from each other, as a result of editing and converting the original 24MB 'raw' images. When you are choosing a print purchase, the website will inform you if the resolution of the image is insufficient for optimum print quality at the print size you have selected. Select a smaller size print, or carry on with your original selection, but in the knowledge that optimum print quality is not guaranteed. I hope that the image size can be identified by those choosing a high resolution download. Also, some pictures may have been uploaded to the gallery despite not being technically perfect, I thought they may still have some value. They can't improve at the printing stage, so please look carefully before you purchase a picture which you can see is slightly out of focus, for example. 

If you want to offer any advice, or to request more information, please do so, within the website, or contact me via e-mail or mobile phone.