is the operating name of Richard Janulewicz, a Rochester-based photographer specialising in sailing images.

Prints and digital downloads can be ordered from within the website. Image resolutions vary, after editing the original 24MB RAW images, but I hope the image you see (and select) will be of sufficient resolution for your needs. The watermark will not be printed/downloaded

To order a print, go to the appropriate gallery, select the required image and press 'Buy'. You can then select the size of print you would like, at the displayed price. If you are notified that the image is of insufficient resolution for an optimum quality print at the size you request, (I hope this doesn't happen ), select a smaller size print, or continue with the order, but in the knowledge that print quality may not be optimum.

To order a digital download, you may need to 'Visit Shop' to see the three options;  low resolution for web and online use (No Fee); full resolution for personal (not for profit) use; full resolution for commercial use. When selecting the download, the pixel count will be shown.